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Picture champagne party, fountain of hot chocolate, delicate croissants, & liters of chai latte/ orange juice…. to celebrate your entrance in Pick Perfect Planner.

I may be a home study mini course.

Meaning I’m short, sweet, & straight to the point, but I’m packed with ALL you need to pick THE one (without the 2 lifetimes needed to reimburse the wedding loan)

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Prep Work

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Want all the extras (notes/ cheatsheets/ comparison charts) done for you in a handy PDF you can print & fill?

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Stay on top of your mini course with a handy roadmap.

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Step 1: ASSESS

Know Your Needs

For the past 20 years, 99% of the planners I tried were just a bunch of paper glued together with NO real meaning NOR real tips for people like us.

It doesn’t have to remain that way.

One page to grasp them all…

Understand ALL the most common planner sizes and formats in ONE page. 

Yes, you can brag about it during the next diner with your in-laws, they’ll be blown away (+ it’s a good confidence boost)

⚠️ This page is already included into the companion workbook if you bought it ⚠️

VIDEO 1.1: Size & Format

VIDEO 1.3: Layout

VIDEO 1.2: Binding

VIDEO 1.4: Sunday vs Monday

VIDEO 1.5: Dated vs Undated

VIDEO 1.7: Add-ons

VIDEO 1.6: Cover Types

VIDEO 1.8: Budget

VIDEO 1.9: Goodies

Module 1: Wrap Up


Scale your needs

Sure you can look for the fairy Unicorn covered with chocolate chips & a whipped cream tail… 

But, let’s keep it real… Some basics are mandatory, some are appreciated.

In this step, you’ll learn how to spot them all (based on your needs)

VIDEO 2.1: Create the priority matrix

VIDEO 2.2: Fill the matrix

VIDEO 2.3: Wrap Up


It’s Window Shopping Time

Unless you create your own planner, chances are you’ll have to deal with what’s available on the market. 

I’ll show you how to save $$$$, time, & frustration so you’ll get what you need.

VIDEO 3.1: Reality Check

VIDEO 3.2: Prep the comparison chart (1/2)

VIDEO 3.3: Prep the comparison chart (2/2)

VIDEO 3.4: Where to find data

VIDEO 3.5: How to pick the one

Module 3: Wrap Up


Your best next steps

Unsure you grasped ALL the juicy infos from the mini course?

Or you lurk on the extra goodies included in the workbook (cheat sheet, comparison chart, summary…)? 

Lucky you, you can still buy it. 

Found out mainstream planners are not your cup of hot cocoa? I feel you.

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