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tarot and oracle blog purdey penrose


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Why you can’t stick to using a planner
I have a new podcast!Subscribe for weekly episodes.ListenChoosing ONE planner, using it & sticking to it gives you chill?First off, you're NOT alone. Sticking to one, two, or even just using a planner is harder than climbing Mount Everest in high heels wearing a...
How to start living unapologetically in 2023
You'll thank yourself laterSecretly dream to spend your Sunday walking in the forest, or enroll to a cooking contest during your weekend with your BFF Betty?"#Duh.. Sure, I do... Who doesn't want to have spare time to chill, binge watch Netflix, read Pride &...
STOP buying planners that NEVER support your lifestyle
ListenWondering why your lifestyle feels like smashing a square peg in a round hole?Mmmmm... I see.... I see... (add a cute crystal ball if you want) It's because you can't rely on a tool you use E-V-E-R-Y single day: your planner. Sure, you're the A+ Human who...
5 lessons I learnt from spending $2500 in planners in 11 years
Buying new planner makes you cringe more than a visit to a dentist?Stop worrying... For the past 11 years I put my mad scientist hat on and I spent over $2500 to test all the big names out there so you won't have to do it. Today's the big reveal: the 5 lessons I...
“Bye, Felicia… to The Hygge Planner”
I have a new podcast!Subscribe for weekly episodes.ListenWaving goodbye to The Hygge Planner looks as easy as ABC... Well, not really...I knew, at some point, I'd have to update The Hygge Planner, maybe add a nickname, updated the interiror pages or something like......
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